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Queen of Hearts

Drawn EVERY Tuesday Night…
The DRAWING will be at
8:00 p.m. SHARP!

Stay for any Wednesday Member meeting and receive a bonus ticket.

CASH PURCHASE – 1 ticket for a $1 donation or 6 tickets for a $5 donation!

CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, or POS PURCHASED – tickets will be $1.00 each!

If you will not be present write your name, envelope number and if you want to donate any proceeds to the Lodge (does not apply to the Queen of Hearts)!

Choose the envelope with the “Queen of Hearts” and… Win the Grand Prize in advertised points for the week!

Payout is 60% if the ticket holder is present (40% if the ticket holder is absent the night of the drawing).
Rules are posted next to game board.
Win $5* for your ticket being called.
Face Card or Ace we’ll pay $10*
Find a Joker – we’ll pay $15*

*Payouts will not exceed 50% of the amount of tickets sold that week!

Members Only – Must show valid Membership Card


1. A game board, with a $300.00 starting jackpot, containing 54 cards (numbered and sealed face down) purchased from a certified gaming vendor, will be displayed in the Lodge, in a secure case with the Queen of Hearts as the “Jackpot Card”.
2. Members of the SM/CG Elks Lodge 1676 and any Members from any Elks Lodge are eligible to play. Anyone wishing to play must be a member in good standing, with a valid membership card, in order to buy tickets. You must have your membership card with you to purchase tickets or win any prizes. Guests who are signed in by members are not eligible to play.
3. Tickets [IF PAID IN CASH] will be $1.00 each or Six Tickets for $5.00 – [IF PAID WITH CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD] – $1.00 each ticket] with no limit on the number of tickets purchased. All tickets sold are double stub tickets so you must print your name on the back of each ticket. Nicknames, abbreviations or numbers are not acceptable forms of a name on the ticket. Once your name is on the ticket, return it to the Bartender or person running the Queen of Hearts for that drawing, to be placed in the raffle drum, A TUMBLER OR SIMILAR DEVICE SHALL BE USED FOR MIXING RAFFLE TICKETS. Tickets shall be mixed in Public View.
4. If you will not be present for the drawing, you also need to designate a card number to be turned if your ticket is picked. If you would like to donate your winnings, you can use any reference to the SM/CG Lodge 1676. If you are not present and have not designated a card number to be turned, a card chosen at random (in order of availability) by the Lodge ER, Leading Knight, member of the Board of Trustees, Bartender or other designee will be turned.
5. Drawings will be held each Tuesday night at 8:00 PM. Those members wishing to participate in the Drawing will receive one (1) extra ticket, in addition to their purchased tickets, for attending the Wednesday Members meetings on the second and fourth Wednesdays. SALE OF TICKETS WILL CLOSE PRIOR TO THE DRAWING.
NOTE: If it is decided upon by the Lodge to change the drawing to an alternate day; proper notification
will be posted with sufficient time given to the Members to purchase their tickets accordingly.


6. If your name is drawn, you will choose a card from the game board noted in paragraph 1 above. If the card chosen is the Queen of Hearts, the winner will receive sixty percent (60%) of the jackpot, if present. Of the remaining forty percent (40%), fifteen percent (15%) goes back to the jackpot, five percent (5%) is designated for charity, and twenty percent (20%) goes to the Lodge. If the winner is not present, the winner will receive forty percent (40%) of the jackpot. Of the remaining sixty percent (60%), fifteen percent (15%) goes back to the jackpot, five percent (5%) is designated for charity, and thirty percent (40%) goes to the Lodge.
7. Additional prizes will be as follows, for players who are Present for the Drawing Only: 1 JOKER = $ 15.00* – FACE CARD OR ACE = $10.00*. (*Not to exceed 50% of the weeks ticket sales.)
8. ER will pay up to $100 in cash. Amounts in excess of $100 will be paid by check.
9. Each week, after the drawing, all non-winning tickets will be destroyed.
10. SM/CG Lodge #1676 will comply with all IRS regulations.
11. Committee decision regarding rules interpretation are final.
12. All winners are responsible for any and all taxes. Any winnings over $600.00 must be reported on a W2G (1099) and any winnings over $5,000.00 must have federal income tax withholding taken out and a form 5754 must also be filled out. Any withholding for winnings over $5,000.00 must be sent to the IRS with a form 945.
13. The Gaming Committee (“GC”), reserves the right to enhance the winnings. (i.e. if your ticket is drawn, you will win $5.00; however, once the pot exceeds a designated amount of money, the GC can, if so chooses, raise that night’s winning ticket gift price).